Everything and Nothing

Prepare yourselves for a helter-skelter ride through some of the most exhilarating scientific and philosophical ideas the human race has ever encountered.  We will discover what happened before the Big Bang, peer into the impossible centre of a Black Hole, find out how big the universe really is, that some infinities are bigger than others and reveal the seething intensity of activity that takes place in the sheer nothingness.   And we shall also find out why the Vacuum Cleaner is the most significant discovery in the history of the human race.

2 x 60 minutes for BBC4

From the host of Atom and The Secret Life of Chaos

comes a new mini-series exploring Physics.  This time Professor Jim Al-Khalili goes on the ultimate brain-melting adventure, an epic journey from infinity to nothing and back. In the first film Jim investigates whether or not the universe is infinitely large and in the second, he investigates what the vacuum consists of.

Strange as it sounds, these two questions allow Jim to explore  the key discoveries and ideas in modern physics, and in a playful and entertaining way  report from the frontline of modern science as well as encountering some amazing events and characters from the history of mathematics and physics.

Over the course of two episodes Jim will meet the world’s leading scientists, and the films will also be a visual treat, visiting stunning locations and deploying inventive and innovative filming techniques.